Resources for writers

Without the safety net of a creative writing MA (don’t think they exist for genre fiction), I’ve relied on what I could pick up from ‘how to’ manuals on the craft of writing and top tips from blogs and websites. I’ll be adding to the list of resources over time, so if you find any of them useful, check back to see what’s new.


Here’s my top five.

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Renni Browne & Dave King
The absolute must-have for every writer. Thorough editing is what separates the determined from the dabbler. The book includes some wonderfully strict rules that, if followed, should lead to hack-free writing. Speaker attribute adverbs are verboten *she said, firmly*Self-editing for Fiction Writers

Plot and Structure
– James Scott Bell
Great if you want to learn how to write a page turner with narrative drive – and why wouldn’t you?

– Monica Wood
She uses really useful, well written examples to illustrate her key points

Characters and Viewpoint – Orson Scott Card
Good for describing POVs and how to choose which one’s right for your story

Revision and Self-Editing
– James Scott Bell
Bit of the Plot & Structure book repeated in this one, but still useful nuggets in there too. Less of the line editing approach of the Renni Browne manual, focusing more on the bigger picture – does it all hang together?