The Big Self Publishing Experiment

It’s time to don the lab coat and the protective goggles and fire up the bunsen burner. This book marketing won’t do itself.
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I’ve published two books and am very close to finish the editing process on book number three in the Degrees of Separation series. I promised myself that I didn’t need to think about all that time-consuming social media marketing shenanigans until I had three books on sale. So, really… I suppose I can’t put it off any longer.

I have tried a few things over the last sixteen or so months (The Loyal Servant was published in December 2011) – free sales on Amazon, maintaining this blog, joining Goodreads, setting up a Facebook page, pinning a few photos to Pinterest boards… but mostly I’ve been flitting from blog to blog, listening to podcasts, watching videos and generally getting a little overwhelmed by all the best practice marketing advice that’s out there. Oh and best practice seems to change from week to week.

Now it’s time for me to actually DO something. I’ll be recording my progress, my successes (and failures) over at my new blog: The Big Self Publishing Experiment. In the interest of scientific discovery, I will be transparent about both my methods and my numbers (excruciatingly embarrassing as that might prove to be).

So join me, if you will, and let the experiment begin!


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