The Loyal Servant

The Loyal Servant - A political thriller by Eva Hudson

Winner of the Lucy Cavendish Prize for fiction, The Loyal Servant is a whistleblower thriller that topped the Amazon political fiction chart.

Imagine for a moment: you’re a mother of three and conscientious government employee, keeping your head down, trying to avoid the latest round of civil service lay-offs, when you discover the schools minister slumped over his desk. Whiskey bottle and scattered pills lying next to his lifeless body.

But you know for a fact the minister wouldn’t take his own life. What do you do? Kick up a stink and risk losing your job? Or pretend nothing is wrong?

For loyal servant Caroline Barber, there is only one option. When her awkward questions result in the disappearance of crucial evidence from the minister’s office, she is compelled to dig deeper, enlisting a sharp-elbowed investigative journalist to help her cause.

The government conspiracy they uncover is scandalous enough to send shockwaves right through Whitehall. It could even topple the government. But now Caroline has started making waves she has attracted the attention of some very dangerous people.

Way out of her depth and risking the safety of her family, will she get the chance to blow the whistle? Or will her enemies silence her for good?

The Loyal Servant is a page-turning political thriller with a twist – everything that happens to Caroline Barber could easily happen to any one of us.

If you enjoyed House of Cards, you’ll love The Loyal Servant – it has its very own Francis Underwood – see if you can spot him!

The Loyal Servant is the first book in the Degrees of Separation series.

It’s available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Ca

“A brilliantly-paced thriller with a strong female lead. Perfectly balanced between character and plot. Very gripping and suspenseful” – Sophie Hannah, author

“Great dialogue” – Mark Billingham, author

“It immediately draws you in… there’s suspense right from the beginning” – Penny Smith, author, TV presenter, grammar and spelling enthusiast

“I really enjoyed it” – Cathy Kelly, author