The Senior Moment

The Senior Moment - A novel by Eva Hudson

What would you do if you suddenly realised you had become invisible? Insignificant?

One steaming hot August in New York, grandmother Jean Henderson discovers with a shock it has happened to her.

Does she let it defeat her? Hell no.

Does she get mad? You betcha. Then swiftly devises a plan to get even.

Visiting Manhattan for the first time to help her son with his new baby, Jean gets caught up in a fatal grocery store robbery just moments after climbing out of her cab from JFK. Things quickly slide from awful to worse when she discovers her son and his pregnant wife have disappeared, owing a fortune to a murderous loan shark.

Jean’s son has gone underground, the NYPD powerless to track down a man who is determined to stay hidden. Desperate to get him back, Jean decides the only way to save her son is to settle his debt herself.

But how does a sixty-five-year-old English woman, alone in New York, raise $100,000?

The Senior Moment
is a face-paced unconventional thriller that will keep you gripped to the last page.

It is currently available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.


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