The missing third episode of Vera on ITV


***Stop press***

Episode 3 of Vera will be screened on ITV at 9.00pm on Sunday 3 June. 

For those of you wondering what happened to the wonderful Vera Stanhope last week (Sunday 13 May) and why you can’t find the third episode on ITV player – the programme was replaced at the last minute by a re-run of Lewis because the subject matter of the Vera episode was deemed too sensitive in the light of recent events (the plot involved the death of army personnel).

For Vera fans feeling hard done by: check out all the novels by Ann Cleeves – available in all good bookshops!

And for Ann Cleeves fans – Silent Voices is number 1 on the Amazon crime/thriller/mystery chart. Well done Ann!


About Eva Hudson
Eva Hudson is an author who specialises in writing crime thrillers featuring strong female leads. Eva was born and raised in south London and now splits her time between the Sussex countryside and central London. She’s been a government officer, singer, dotcom entrepreneur, portrait artist, web designer and project manager. In 2011 she won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for her first novel, political thriller, The Loyal Servant.

One Response to The missing third episode of Vera on ITV

  1. Peter Evans says:

    Thanks.Didn’t see ANY explanation on ITV but maybe I missed it?

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