From Frankfurt to Manchester

Everyone’s so twitchy about piracy in book publishing that the launch of Amazon’s Kindle to the rest of the world (nearly all of it) in Frankfurt last week has finally made it on to the BBC’s 10pm news. The readers looked very unsexy. I think early adopters might not be feeling too smug once even the Barnes and Noble reader is superseded by some gorgeous Apple tab.

I would hazard a guess that your regular file shares (those pesky 14-24 year olds) aren’t that fussed about getting their hands on a dodgy version of The Lost Symbol – unless it happens to be the name of Cheryl Cole’s new album. (What is all that Cole-mania about anyway? Is it the musical equivalent of the Stieg Larsson phenomenon? All hype and lost senses? I read in a friend’s Facebook update that she’d downloaded the single straightaway – she’s a grown woman, what’s happening?)
Anyhoo – I think we’ve got a little while left of analogue books (they’re just too convenient – look good, smell good, never run out of battery power and can be dried on the radiator if they do end up taking a swim in the bath) before we have to get paranoid about spotting a Jolly Roger on the horizon.

About Eva Hudson
Eva Hudson is an author who specialises in writing crime thrillers featuring strong female leads. Eva was born and raised in south London and now splits her time between the Sussex countryside and central London. She’s been a government officer, singer, dotcom entrepreneur, portrait artist, web designer and project manager. In 2011 she won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for her first novel, political thriller, The Loyal Servant.

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